sailors’ song


call the dour siblings
bring them in!
welcome them
with clash and din!

call the dour siblings
to our fold,
welcome them
with dances bold!

let’s place our step onto the round
and let our feet fly o’er the ground

we who toil on lawless seas
now say, with epynean keys,

let’s free the secrets of our souls
as written in the ancient scrolls!


oh voids of valence, visit here!
let your guidances appear

beneath the groves of weighted boughs
and fecund oranges, arouse

our fervent faith in vert and ore
the inner way that we adore

with roundels, clogs and mandolin
let’s dance the three dour siblings in!


Instrumental version of sailors’ song – with preceeding and ending fanfares on kanak; and accompaniment on cerebrian mandolin (larger file size):