word pieces & poetics

recent word pieces

Word pieces and poetics from 2017 to the present. The recent sets relate to visual works in the folios. Word pieces marked have audio.

2020 (in the folio textures of cerebria):


2020 (in the folio fires of cerebria):

inscribing the texts

2020 (in the folio tales from cerebria):

sailors’ ode of a comet tonight they walk this grove

2020 (in the folio postcards from cerebria):

we three voids epynean inquiry epynean newsletter sailors’ song invocation in two voices telachian whirl paean in two voices

2019 (in the folio dream tales):

why do the natives cling? return christabel on the slope wise birds nocturne of the couriers the birth of christabel what i, the caterpillar, said three visiting voids

2019 (in the folio a robe):

generative christabel disrobed christabel’s sorrow the encounter of jefferson and the couriers bearing carriage breath christabel attends iosefina jeselmina grieving iosefina longing return tenebrae queen of the arc


dark device, the alabaster palace, old priests, early morning

earlier poetics

2012: Nowhere Else (Kindle eBook)

52 short poetic texts, about nature and about presence.

2003-2009: The Rains That Fall Around Here (Kindle eBook)

A book of 39 poems that speak of rain, of wind, of lands and of sea – and of the spirit. They are devotional, in the widest sense of the term, and devote their attention to moments and occurrences.