Sounding, a Mute Book

“…the god-stuff roars eternally, like the sea, with too vast a sound to be heard.” – D.H. Lawrence, The Plumed Serpent

This folio of 9 photomontages, using clay and watercolours, is from 2018.

1. Prelude to a Sounding

Prelude to a Sounding

2. In a Reverberant Valley

In a Reverberant Valley

3. Scape with Plantsong

Scape with Plantsong

4. Resounding Valley

Resounding Valley

5. Lament for Discarded Souls

Lament for Discarded Souls

6. Sounding


7. After a Bone-Fire

After a Bone-Fire

8. Return


9. Erinyes with Heralds

Erinyes and Heralds