placards, cerebria

“we intone your scripts,
hold them close in our hearts” – sailors’ ode

A folio of placards and signs from the realm of cerebria, with accompanying scriptural fragments. This is a work in progress, commencing in 2021. (Archival prints are available up to A2 size.)

Here is a clavis, or key, to the realm of cerebria.

These works use background images by Max Hutzel (1911-1988), who photographed in Italy from the early 1960s until his death. The result of this exhaustive and elegant project (over 72,000 images) was referred to by Hutzel as Foto Arte Minore – a documentation of art historical developments in Italy up to the 18th century.

1. unborn


1In our town there is a doorway blocked by a placard that reads “unborn”. 2We believe it to have been placed there by a diviner. 3It is said to refer to now, rather than any earlier time.

2. bask


1Once, four sailors walked near one of our places of worship and saw that “BASK” had been written upon it. 2The first sailor doubted that this was a word. 3The second thought it was, and that it reminded him not to over-work, and to bask in the sun. 4The third said that it had been written by a diviner and that it was a reminder of the sailors’ main task. 5The fourth remained silent.

3. wisdom of the ages

wisdom of the ages

1It has been recorded that the three visiting voids said: “The wisdom of the ages is written on our skins”. 2We find now this same text emblazoned on places of our worship.

4. primordial edicts

primordial edicts

1In the beginning the three visiting voids gave the primordial edicts. 2These dour siblings spoke the edicts and our diviners wrote them down. 3We sailors petition the diviners for the edicts. 4Though they cannot now be spoken, there are references to the edicts in the crypts of our realm. 5The edicts were wordless texts of wisdom and that is why we say they were spoken by voids of valence.
Background Images (Max Hutzel, 1960 – 1990, credit Getty Open Content Program):
“1. unborn” – from “Lazio–Roma–Subiaco–Sacro Speco, Image 128”.
“2. bask”- from “Campania–Caserta–Caserta–Palazzo Reale, Image 13”.
“3. wisdom of the ages”- from “Abruzzo–Alanno–Madonna delle Grazie, Image 8”.
“4. primordial edicts” – from “Campania–Caserta–Santa Maria Capua Vetere–Mitreo, Image 33”.