“According to Goethe, the alchemist discovers that what he has projected into the retort is his own darkness, his unredeemed state, his passion, his struggle to reach the goal, that is, to become what he really is, to fulfill the purpose for which his mother bore him, and, after the peregrinations, of a long life full of confusion and error, to become the filius regius, son of the supreme mother.” – C.G. Jung, Psychology of the Transference

This series of photomontages, using clay and watercolours, is  from 2018 – 2019.

Belle with Ferrets

1. Belle with Ferrets


2. Peregrination

With a Seaward Gaze

3. With a Seaward Gaze

Night Scene

4. Night Scene


5. Sensing


6. Lineage

A Seaward Question

7. A Seaward Question


8. Augury

Mantic Shore

9. Mantic Shore

Site for an Observance

10. Site for an Observance


11. Mazurka

Isadore Dancing

12. Isadore Dancing

Rising Dawn

13. Rising Dawn

Roland Tumbling

14. Roland Tumbling


15. Tableau

Galatina's Return

16. Galatina Returns

Galatina as a Swarm

17. Galatina as a Swarm

Anthony Blessing

18. Anthony Blessing

Anthony and the Eagle

19. Anthony and The Eagle

Ariana and the Lions

20. Ariana and the Lions

Photomontages are from painted clay on wire armatures, other objects, and watercolours.