Sounding, a Mute Book

“…the god-stuff roars eternally, like the sea, with too vast a sound to be heard.” – D.H. Lawrence, The Plumed Serpent

This series of 13 photomontages, using clay and watercolours, is from 2018.

In a Reverberant Valley

1. In a Reverberant Valley

Scape with Plantsong

2. Scape with Plantsong

Resounding Valley

3. Resounding Valley

Lament for Discarded Souls

4. Lament for Discarded Souls


5. Sounding


6. Submersion

Still Pool

7. Still Pool

Night Circle

8. Night Circle

Under a Midnight Sun

9. Under a Midnight Sun

After a Bone-Fire

10. After a Bone-Fire


11. Return


12. Altar

Erinyes and Heralds

13. Erinyes and Heralds

Photomontages are from painted clay on wire armatures, other objects, and watercolours.