Hermetics is my blog of articles and notes about Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy.

Figure Begging for a Priest

Here’s another image that seems to depict a Hermetic character. It’s from a larger work by Jan Luyken, of 1692. The begging figure has a jauntiness about him that speaks to me of Hermes. He may be a beggar, but I feel that’s not all he is 🙂

He influenced a work of mine, Sensing, in which the character senses dark fish.
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The Magician from Virginia

And speaking of Hermes and manifesting (see the previous post, “You manifest, by hook or by crook”) here he manifests exquisitely as the Magician of Virginia, in Bernard Picart, Ceremonies et Coutumes Religieuses des Peuples Idolatres (1723).

Hermes Guide of Souls

Here are some enduring statements about Hermes from Karl KerĂ©nyi’s 1976 book Hermes Guide of Souls:

Hermes can so convincingly hover before us, lead us on our ways, show us golden treasures in everyone through the split-second timing which is the spirit of finding and thieving… (p51)

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The Alchemist of Notre-Dame

Where better to start a series of articles on the Hermetic tradition than with the Alchemist of Notre-Dame?

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