Wet Jeselmina with Consort

This is the making of the first, wet, version of Jeselmina with her Consort. This version lasted only for the photo shoot. Here is the final work, Reconception of Ore. (The Consort’s hat was a later addition.) […] Read more

The Hermetic “By Hook & By Crook”

Although there is much scholarship on Hermes and the Hermetic (i.e. Western alchemical) tradition, it’s good to remember that much of the “manifesting” of Hermes is experiential (see the Quotes from “Hermes Guide of Souls, “You manifest, by hook or by crook”) Often it can be an image glanced at, a series of notes overheard, […] Read more

Quotes from “Hermes Guide of Souls”

Hermes is such an interesting character, and Kerényi was such a lover of him. Here are some enduring statements about Hermes from Karl Kerényi’s 1976 book Hermes Guide of Souls: Hermes can so convincingly hover before us, lead us on our ways, show us golden treasures in everyone through the split-second timing which is the […] Read more

The Alchemist of Notre Dame

As Fulcanelli (in Le Mystere Des Cathedrals) says: “If, moved by curiosity or simply wishing to give some purpose to a summer stroll, you climb the spiral staircase leading to the high parts of the building, you should make you way slowly along the path, hollowed out like a channel at the top of the […] Read more

Nestor Ventures Out

Soon after his making, Nestor ventured out onto a book of Elliot Erwitt photographs, supported by another of Moholy-Nagy’s works […] Read more