Quotes from “Hermes Guide of Souls”

Hermes is such an interesting character, and Kerényi was such a lover of him. Here are some enduring statements about Hermes from Karl Kerényi’s 1976 book Hermes Guide of Souls: Hermes can so convincingly hover before us, lead us on our ways, show us golden treasures in everyone through the split-second timing which is the […] Read more

The Alchemist of Notre Dame

As Fulcanelli (in Le Mystere Des Cathedrals) says: “If, moved by curiosity or simply wishing to give some purpose to a summer stroll, you climb the spiral staircase leading to the high parts of the building, you should make you way slowly along the path, hollowed out like a channel at the top of the […] Read more

Nestor Ventures Out

Soon after his making, Nestor ventured out onto a book of Elliot Erwitt photographs, supported by another of Moholy-Nagy’s works […] Read more