“There’s a shadow, beyond the nature of things, that this life cannot reach.”

Ron Dowd ProfileWelcome to the progressions of a personal – yet also impersonal – gnostic inquiry – digging around, articulating inner whispers.

After a Bone-Fire

“After a Bone-Fire”, from the Sounding folio

  • I make folios – combining watercolours, photomontages of clay sculptures and found images, and more recently, word pieces.
  • Most of my photomontages are available for purchase as archival prints.
  • You can read about some of the characters that appear in the works.
  • Over the years I’ve written word pieces. Recently these have become integral to the folios (see dream tales). This word piece, spiraland (2003), is close to a manifesto of my work now.
  • I practice psychotherapy in Double Bay, Sydney, with Amanda Gruhn (my wife). See more about us on our joint site Therapy Duo.