“There is a shade, behind things…”

Welcome to the progressions of a personal / impersonal hermetic inquiry – digging around, articulating inner whispers – the work of the hermetic artist.

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Ron Dowd


I was born and raised in Rotorua, New Zealand and spent a lot of time as a child amongst the hills, lakes and forest around that area. I studied Engineering at the University of Canterbury and left with a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence (thesis: A neurochemical model of the brain).

I’ve worked as an engineer, software developer, business analyst, and, since 2006, a psychotherapist, applying both a Gestalt and a Jungian perspective.

I studied art in the late 1990s first at COFA (University of NSW), leaving with a BFA, and then completing an MA (Hons) in Fine Arts from the University of Western Sydney in 2001 (thesis: An Inquiry into an Imaginal Landscape). This thesis examined the inner experience of landscapes using the lenses of James Hillman and other contemporary thinkers.

I exhibited in several solo exhibitions in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

In 2015 I began to focus my attention on Hermetic Art as a daily practice, and the fruits of this are the folios and word pieces from 2016 onwards. I feel this work is carried by a rich undercurrent that is deep and exciting, and I am eager to explore more of the poetic depths that energise me.

pointing out the vessel

Pointing Out The Vessel

I know we must collectively find another way of engaging with this exquisite planet and this mysterious and limitless consciousness with which we are endowed, and I try to explicate such a way in my works.

The works themselves are watercolours, sculptures and digital images that become photomontages. I love the surprises that occur in bringing together elements of different mediums and sometimes from different time periods, to form a unified work that transcends the disparate elements and (hopefully) speaks of the unconscious depths from which it arises.

After a Bone-Fire

“After a Bone-Fire”, from the Sounding folio

Hermetic art

”…a view of art as a vehicle for the imaginative transmutation of the artist…”

“Modern hermetic art attempts to return to … ancient conceptions of the arts and the artist. It attempts, through all its forms … to repossess the magical powers of the imagination stultified by millennia of rationalism.” (A.C. Evans)

What I do

The logo

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Ron’s Logo

The logo depicts callipers subtending our watery globe, attended by three comets which represent and embody the three visiting voids. It’s a detail from what i, the caterpillar, said.