Ron Dowd ProfileI am an artist and psychotherapist based in Sydney Australia.

I’m influenced by Hermetic Philosophy, Medieval alchemy, Gnosticism, writers such as James Hillman, C.G. Jung and Marsilio Ficino, and by soul-based pursuits in general.

In my art I try to articulate inner whispers.

After a Bone-Fire

After a Bone-Fire

  • I make photomontages – combining sculpture, watercolour, and digital graphics.
  • Most of my works are available for purchase as archival prints.
  • You can read about some of the characters that appear in the works.
  • Over the years I’ve also written texts (poems) that relate to the visual works. This one, Spiraland from 2003, is pretty much a manifesto of my current work.
  • I practice psychotherapy in Double Bay, Sydney, with Amanda Gruhn (my wife). See more about me on our joint site Therapy Duo.