The Alchemist Surveys the Burning

We’ve been shocked in different ways about the burning of Notre-Dame. And because this blog commenced last month with a post on the Alchemist of Notre-Dame I feel very involved.

A one level there’s the shock that this could happen to such a wonderful Gothic treasure. And at another there’s the question of synchronicity, and what is going on here?

I’m thinking of the parlous state of the institution “in charge” of this monument to another way of living (sexual abuse in the church); of how the feminine is so deeply marginalised and oppressed in our society; of how she (notre dame) can resist, can burn, can become the black Madonna, the Sophia that is fallen and can rise again (as described so particularly in the Pistis Sophia of the Gnostics); how Hermes valiantly watches, attendant as always, while the Mother burns; how he ventured into the underworld to bring Persephone back to Demeter.

A jumble of thoughts, of emotions, but the thread of the hermetic running through it all.