Figure Begging for a Priest

Here’s another image that seems to depict a Hermetic character. It’s from a larger work by Jan Luyken, of 1692. The begging figure has a jauntiness about him that speaks to me of Hermes. He may be a beggar, but I feel that’s not all he is 🙂

He influenced a work of mine, Sensing, in which the character senses dark fish.

Speaking of the birth of Hermes (whose father was Zeus and mother, Maia):

she bore a child of infinite devices, child of winning wiles,
a cattle-driver, leader-of-dreams, watcher-by-night, thief-at-the-gates,
a deity soon to perform remarkable deeds
among the immortals.

(From Charles Stein’s translation of The Homeric Hymn to Hermes.)