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“She is a tree of life to them that lay hold of her, and an unfailing light.”
Aurora Consurgens, I: Here Beginneth The Treatise…

My hope is for the folios presented here to be a trail of psychic processes, unfolding and developing – in a potentially cyclic, hermeneutic fashion, following the example of illuminated, symbolic medieval alchemical texts (such as the Mutus Liber and the Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine). Although there are start and end points to a folio, other developments also occur. The folios hark back to a process work from 1995: Dye Works – The Washing Of Saturn.

folios celebrating cerebria

Image and word folios 2020-21, celebrating the imaginal realm of cerebria.

placards, cerebria

Placards and signs from cerebria, with accompanying scriptural fragments. An ongoing folio.

wisdom of the ages

wisdom of the ages, from the placards, cerebria folio

glimpses from cerebria

Glimpses of the noumenal from cerebria. A folio of 10 images and a text piece.

glimpses from cerebia no. 1

no. 1, from the glimpses from cerebria folio

fishes of cerebria

Fishes from the realm of cerebria. A folio of 18 works.

fishes of cerebria no. 2

no. 2, from the fishes of cerebria folio

fires of cerebria

Fires and scintilla from the realm of cerebria. A folio of 15 works.

sailor catching a salmon

self-portrait (sailor and salmon) from the fires of cerebria folio

tales from cerebria

Some tales from the realm of cerebria. A folio of 12 plates and 3 word pieces.


occultation from the tales from cerebria folio

postcards from cerebria

A folio of 15 postcards and 7 word pieces.

sailors of cerebria

sailors of cerebria from the postcards from cerebria folio

other folios 2016 – 2020

Image folios from 2016 to 2020. Some recent folios have associated word pieces.

2020: twenty abidances

A folio of twenty abidances, made during covid lockdown, April – June 2020.

abidance 18

eighteenth abidance from the twenty abidances folio

2019: dream tales

A folio of 8 image and word pieces in watercolour, gouache and ink.


Image from return, from the dream tales folio

2019: a robe

This is a folio, in 13 plates, about a robe. Photomontages of clay sculptures on watercolour with associated word pieces.

Plate 3

Image from the encounter of jefferson and the couriers, from the folio a robe

2019: A Tale About Ore

A Tale About Ore is one tale about the baby Ore. Clay and watercolours.

The Rewombing of Ore

The Rewombing of Ore from A Tale About Ore

2019: Tableaux

Tableaux is a folio from 2019. Clay and watercolours.

Ariana and the Lions

Ariana and the Lions from Tableaux

2018: Sounding, A Mute Book

Sounding, A Mute Book is a folio of 9 photomontages from 2018. Clay and watercolours.

Lament for Discarded Souls

Lament for Discarded Souls from Sounding

2018: Homelands

Homelands is a folio of 18 photomontages from 2018. Clay and watercolours.

Home of an Artist

Home of an Artist from Homelands

2017: Hekate

Hekate is a folio of 12 photomontages from 2017 using found images.

Corn Dolls Dancing in a Field

Corn Dolls Dancing in a Field from Hekate

2017: Notes to a Nekyia

Notes to a Nekyia is a folio of 18 photomontages from 2017 using found images.

Limbless Christ with Attendants

Limbless Christ with Attendants from Notes to a Nekyia

2017: Sophia at a Pool

Sophia at a Pool is a folio of 11 photomontages from 2017 using found images.

Sophia Mirrored in a Pool

Sophia Mirrored in a Pool from Sophia at a Pool

2016: Twenty-One Sites for Sophia

Twenty-One Sites for Sophia is a folio of 21 photomontages from 2016 using found images.

Angel Tossing a Kylix

Angel Tossing a Kylix from Twenty-One Sites for Sophia

2016: Philo-Sophia

Philo-Sophia is a folio of 24 photomontages from 2016 using found images.

Women with Transgressive Book

Women with Transgressive Book from Philo-Sophia


Stories about the characters that inhabit the four folios Tableaux, A Tale About Ore, a robe and dream tales.

word pieces

Word pieces from 2002 to the present. The recent ones relate to folio images.