“She is a tree of life to them that lay hold of her, and an unfailing light.”
Aurora Consurgens, I: Here Beginneth The Treatise…


Collections that use watercolour, digital art, word pieces and photomontages of clay sculptures and found images. Some examples from the folios are:

sailor of the orange realm of cerebria

sailor of the orange realm of cerebria from the folio postcards from cerebria

Roland Tumbling

Roland Tumbling – from the folio Tableaux

Lament for Discarded Souls

Lament for Discarded Souls – from the folio Sounding, A Mute Book


Homelands – from the folio Homelands


You can read here some stories about the characters that inhabit the four folios Tableaux, A Tale About Ore, a robe and dream tales.

word pieces

Here are word pieces from 2002 to the present. The recent ones relate to folio images.

other works